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Post by DaveSignal » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:20 pm

My name is Dave and I am the developer for the HomeControl MacOS app. This app was originally designed as a simple way to turn a Wemo switch on/off from my computer desktop. I needed this to control an air purifier without always having my cell phone at my desk. And so I set out to do something small. But upon completing this simple Wemo control, I realized that I wanted to develop the app more so as to control multiple Wemo devices and group them for different scenarios. And so I continued writing code to complete a controller for all Wemo devices. It worked wonderfully.

But I also have Hue lights too, why not also control those? So I then decided to make some new classes for that. The ideas continued... why not control groups, colors, and scenes too? And so on. The app has evolved to the point where it now controls devices/groups/scenes of many different home devices quickly.

I use this app every day. It works great for all of my devices which include many different types of Wemo switches, Hue lightbulbs, and a few iHome SmartPlugs. I totally love all of the great functionality, combining multiple device APIs. This kind of control on my MacOS Desktop allows me to control my entire home automation infrastructure. Everything is fully functional in glorious scenes and quick-access groups. It is really awesome!

This great app is now available on the Apple app store. Since it costs money annually to put an app on the App Store and Apple takes a percentage of sales, it is hard to make much money on the Apple App Store unless there are thousands of users for an app. I do already have a full-time job, so I am not relying on any income for the time I spend writing this app. But I don't want to lose money with this endeavor. I need to charge a minimal fee for my work. The HomeControl app is currently on an introductory promotion for $4.99.

The HomeControl app has been available for about 4 months as of this post. There are currently over 100 users. For any users having trouble figuring out how to use the software, I will do my best to provide support on this forum.

- Dave

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