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Scene Effects Available!

Post by DaveSignal » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:51 pm

This is just something fun that I was playing around with. Scene Effects can be applied to a scene. This option supports Hue lights only, and color-capable Hue lights should be used for maximum effect. The effects can be applied to any scene, regardless of the devices, but only the Hue lights present in the scene will respond to the programmed commands. The selected effect will continue until it is turned off using the "Stop Effect" button in the Scene Effects window, or by selecting "<none>" for the scene effect.

Scene Effects
  • Color Morph - This option gradually loops the Hue bulbs through the spectrum of colors
  • Blue Sunset - This option picks from a few Orange and Blue colors and reassigns bulbs to new colors at periodic intervals
  • Red Shifted - This option picks reddish colors for lights in the scene and then gradually shifts them to new but similar colors
  • Blue Shifted - Works like the Red Shifted option, except using colors at the Blue end of the spectrum
  • Tropical - A tropical-like color effect with multiple colors and a few periodic flickers
  • Flicker - Lights in the scene appear to flicker randomly
  • Slow Flicker - Just like Flicker, but less intense
  • Toggle Sequence - Lights turn off sequentially and then turn back on sequentially
  • Toggle Random - Lights turn off and on randomly

Thats it for now. Have fun with the new effects!

- Dave

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