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Scene Timers Added!

Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:12 pm
by DaveSignal
This is another new update, to support a user request. A "Scene Timers" interface has been added, allowing the scheduling of scenes at specified times throughout the day.
Many scene timers can be added and set to any time, however, two different scene timers cannot have exactly the same time to the minute. It is intentionally programmed this way to prevent errors that could occur if too many commands are sent simultaneously. But this does not limit functionality. Users can just create a scene containing all the devices they want to control at a particular time and then set the timer for that particular scene at the needed time. Each timer will manage the timing of its commands so as not to overload the devices / hue bridge. Timers can be enabled/disabled (so you don't need to delete the timer in the case that you don't want to use it every day). And they can be set to either activate a particular scene or to turn off all of the devices contained in a particular scene. This is straightforward and easy to use. In my testing, using 8 different timers, everything worked perfectly, even with the app in the background or with the computer display sleeping. This is a neat feature that is missing from many other macOS smart-home apps.

If any users are having issues using the timers, let me know... I will fix it.