Many Hue Bridges Now Supported!

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Many Hue Bridges Now Supported!

Post by DaveSignal » Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:46 pm

So I received a request to implement support for more than one Hue bridge. This was from a user with 4 Hue Bridges (Philips recommends no more than 50 lights per Hue Bridge). So this is a guy with somewhere around 200 Hue lights... an awesome amount of devices for any app to handle. HomeControl already calculates the amount of requests it sends per second (so as to not overload the bridge), so there is no reason why it shouldn't work. It just needed some adaptations.

I spent some time adding a new multi-bridge interface to the Preferences window. I had to do this in a way that didn't break the existing interface. I then re-worked the way the app stores bridge information, changed the way a device search is done for Hue lights (multiple bridges are now searched), and I redid some things in code for groups and scenes so that everything will work seamlessly across multiple bridges.

I acquired a second Hue bridge in order to test this. I was able to search for bridges in the app, assign a unique user key to each bridge, and then quickly add or remove Hue lights from both bridges. I got groups and scenes to work with devices from both bridges. It worked great. Everything was fast and seamless. I could even turn on/off mass amounts of lights at the same time. If everything works as designed, an unlimited number of bridges should be able to be added.

This was written and tested using 2 Hue bridges with multiple lights on each bridge. I don't actually have 4 bridges to test at that kind of volume, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. If anyone is using the app at this kind of capacity and is having an issue, post something in the support forum and I will do my best to figure it out.


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