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How to: Connect iHome Devices

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:22 pm
by DaveSignal
Connecting your iHome outlets is easy with the latest version of the HomeControl app.

First, open the app preferences from the menubar, or use the key combination Image + Image

Now you will see the preferences window. The "API Authorizations Settings..." is the default tab:

In the "iHome App Login" section, ensure that the email and password is the same information that you use to login to the iHome app on your phone:

Then click the "Get iHome API Key" Button. The app will now connect to the iHome server and get a key:
Now use the "Save" button to save the new settings.

Now you can add iHome outlets from the device list. Open the device list from the "HomeControl" menubar menu, or use Command+D:
On the Device List window, click the + button to add new devices.

The "Add New Device" window pops up.
Just make sure you have "iHome" selected in the pulldown and click the "Find New Outlets" button.

A dialog will appear with the number of devices found on the network:
click "OK"

Your newly added iHome devices are now accessible from the Device List:
You can use the "Device Group" pulldown menus to place each device in a specific group. You can rename them to anything convenient. And you can sort the devices using the different headers at the top of the columns.

All of your devices are now controllable using the Device List, the Group Control, the Group List, the Scene Control, and the menubar menu.

Thats it! Enjoy controlling your iHome outlets!

- Dave