How to: Multiple Hue Bridges

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How to: Multiple Hue Bridges

Post by DaveSignal » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:59 am

If multiple Hue bridges are being used, the Multi-Bridge Setup tab in the Preferences window is the only area that needs configuration. The Hue settings in the API Authorizations tab can be ignored as that only applies to a single bridge.
1. Click the "Find Hue Bridges" button to find all Hue bridges on the network.
2. Use the "Get User Key" button for each bridge to ensure that every bridge has a unique user key. You will be prompted to press the bridge button for each bridge and will see the retrieved keys displayed in the table.

Thats it! All of the Hue devices from each bridge will be added to the device list when the key is retrieved. Lights from these Hue bridges can also be quickly added and removed using the - or + buttons in the Device List window.

- Dave

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